Friday, January 6, 2012

New Direction

I now realize that I created the blog for me...I love that some of my friends and family would check it out from time to time...but really it was created for me.

I will be using this blog for linking and following my passions: being a mom, a photographer, a crafter, and a housewife!

Which pretty much means just stalking other BLOGS!

Someday hope to have the time/make the time to post some of the recreats but as for now...blogland is my eye candy!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2nd Month

This month was quite the adventure. We moved to Killeen, Morgan came home from deployment and Deandra started sleeping in her own room!!!!

She was still a bit fussy but it was getting to be more manageable.

It was really hard moving away from my family. My parents were such GREAT help. I know they miss us being so close too.







Pic By: Tracy Stoker

2 Months Old!!!!

First Month!

Get ready for a LLLLOOONNNNGGGG post!

At the hospital:


1st Month:








One Month OLD!!!

WOW! That first month I learned so much about what it means to be a MOM! Colic set in during week 3 and oh boy was it a mountain to climb. I remember being so overwhelmed. Morgan was back in Afgahanistan (he left a week after she was born). I was so blessed to be with my parents during this chapter of Deandra's LOUD lil beginning! Hope you enjoyed pics of her FIRST month here!!! I know I enjoyed looking back....stay tuned for month 2!!!

Blessings and Love!